Thursday, December 28, 2006

Blog: Drivel vs News

There's plenty of media devoted to how bad blogs are. Cries of "therapy writing" and "cheesy adolescent angst" or worse labels tend to make the genre less than respected. On the converse, there are those blogs which are read by hundreds of people. I personally enjoy reading design blogs, or to my favorite magazines, local or otherwise. So where does that leave this poor blog, which hasn't been posted to in literally a year?

I've decided to go for broke in an effort to keep writing. Sunny writes for posterity, but that freezes me up. It takes a lot of time and revision for me to produce something to be truly proud of. I'll put it as a secondary goal; the primary one being to natter on pleasantly with my expected audience: a) no one but myself b)friends and family that accidentally find this.