Sunday, March 11, 2007

Being Whole: Movement

Three days ago I took a yoga class at a local school chosen from the surprisingly high number in the area. It was wonderful to take the time to sit correctly and breathe fully. Under stress, many people tend to take quick, shallow breaths, and during this hour and a half hiatus I suspended stress and breathed.

I have a curious relationship with exercise. I've been a mid-level athlete before, but I rarely have enjoyed competing. Though I have been a regular at the gym before, I don't enjoy repetitive movements, nor exercise for the sake of exercising. I don't like any sport that brings me near cars or near to where non-participants can watch me. What I enjoy, I often think of as studied movement. I enjoy those sports that allow me to study my relationship between my will, the execution of that will into my body, and various forces of physics including inertia, force vectors, and momentum. Thus I usually find myself dancing, rock climbing, practicing yoga or doing martial arts forms.

It feels good to be sore again, and to be correctly aligned. I'm sleeping better, and am slowly recuperating from a month of overwork followed by a month of one virus after another inhabiting my respiratory tract. For those in the area, let me know if you'd like to go the the next class!