Saturday, April 07, 2007

Citizen Of The World: First Tax

Ick, income tax filing. After four years of medical school, when I racked up debt and didn't have to file, it's an unpleasant experience to wade through the 1040 instruction manual again. Why does it have to be so convoluted, confusing, and difficult? Some would argue for a VAT (value-added tax) on all goods and no income tax, but among other things I'd be very concerned for the poor, having been from a previously low-income family. And why does the government tax two people differently if they are single as opposed to married to each other? Why should the tax code be so difficult that it takes up hundreds of thousands of dollars just to be codified and written each year? Flat tax can also hurt the poor, but it makes a lot of sense in cutting down bureaucracy.

Currently my solution is to provide Sunny with all of my documentation, and cook and clean while he does the taxes. Not the best one, but until I know enough to have an educated opinion.

  • Federal tax forms for individuals

  • 2006 New Mexico tax forms for individuals New Mexico's state tax forms "piggy-back" on the federal form, like most states'.
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