Friday, May 18, 2007

Pediatric Check-Up: Mom's Quote 1

Doctors, especially doctors in training, like to bemoan that "no one understands" just what we go through other than our allied medical professionals. Now I don't agree with that completely, but I do agree that a large percentage of people do not understand the training pathway or just what our training consists of. So here's a funny quote from my mom this week while I was visiting Reno (translated): "So now that you're out of school, you're less tired, right?"

Er, that didn't sound as funny, but please reference my previous blog post from this January:

Current total hours worked: 101.5!
Current days working on this part of the job: 7 days

Here's a picture of a fellow intern that same month. Can you tell that we were delirious?

Matt Carter in Transformer gearMatt Carter in Transformer gear

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