Sunday, June 03, 2007

Pediatric Check-Up: Out Of Intern-ment

Part 1:
Back in World War II, the US government rounded up a good portion of Japanese Americans and sent them to detention camps simply because the Japanese had bombed Pearl Harbor. They were considered "security risks" based on their ancestry. During the scary days after 9/11, a good many of us worried a similar fate would befall the South and Middle Eastern Asians.

Now, during this year of internships, I have not been locked up or had my civil rights violated by my program, but all the same, there is a sense of imminent release. I look back on a long, scary year of tremendous forced growth, and try to assimilate it into myself in the most useful way possible. I feel that I've grown, but am still figuring out where and where I have more growing to do.

Me in San Diego Sunshine

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