Monday, October 06, 2014

Simple Living: Mason Jars

Mason jars are a fun part of my life right now. We used to have tumblers in several sizes, several shapes, and they were generally annoying in their diversity. They never lined up properly, and we were really only using the largest sizes. They've been replaced with 8 oz and 16 oz Mason jars, and I am completely smug every time they line up in neat ranks on the shelf. I am also smug when I line them up full of quick pickles in the refrigerator, or when I fill one up with my daily coffee, put the lid on, and toss it in my purse. I estimate that I've substituted them for a whole row of travel coffee cups, small plastic containers for refrigerator pickles, ramekins for individual-sized desserts, and travel soup/lunch containers.

This afternoon, I saw these beautiful, hand-blown, delicate glass tumblers. I admired them: I love blue; I love hand-blown glass; I wouldn't trade my jars for those for the world. I am done with buying daily glassware and occasion glassware, and the fact that I NEVER have to buy them again was marvelously freeing.

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